Bathroom Vanities and Vanity Tables

Bathroom Vanities and Vanity Tables

Vanity is a piece of bathroom furniture that is typically comprised of a sink, countertop, and mirror. These days, vanities also include built-in shelves, lights, and architectural styling details. Vanity table has been an important element in the bathroom’s installation since before there was indoor plumbing. Before indoor plumbing, vanity tables were housed in the bedroom and were used by the people to wash their face and hands.

Originally, bathroom vanities were placed in the bedroom. However, these days, most are located in the separate bathrooms. There are some interior designers who prefer to place a free-standing tub in the bedroom, often without a dividing wall. This looks very retro but has been given a contemporary twist. These days, the vanity can be mounted on the wall, making a small bathroom feel larger. The options are endless.

Vanity table has been a part of the bathroom for centuries. Today, most vanities are installed in dedicated bathrooms. The basic shape of a vanity table is not changed. It has just been moved to the bathroom. The standard height of a vanity is about 32 inches, but the height can be adjusted for comfort. These vanities are also more expensive, so a higher one can be more practical in a small bathroom.

The size of the vanity is also an important factor. Vanities come in a wide range of styles, ranging from minimalist designs to streamlined models with plenty of storage. You can even get a custom bathroom vanity if the space in your bathroom is limited. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you should measure your bathroom before deciding on a vanity. If you have limited space, you should choose a double-sink vanity instead. This way, you can have the same sink in both rooms.

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