Types of Bathroom Vanities

Types of Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom vanities provide a sink and space for storage. The basic design of a vanity includes a countertop and a sink. The sink is often connected to the vanity using a faucet or tap. Some are designed with built-in soap dispensers. There are countless types of vanaties available to match every style and budget. Listed below are some of the most popular and versatile designs. Read on to learn more.

Particle board is another type of material you can use to build a vanity. Particle board is a composite of wood and glue, compressed into sheets for easy handling. Different types of particle board come in varying densities and particle sizes. They are less expensive than other materials for vanities and can be made from various types of wood. They are usually covered with durable material. Despite the lower price, particle board is not a durable option.

Particle board is another material you can choose to build a vanity. This composite material is made from wood and glue and compressed into sheets. Particle board comes in different density and particle size. These types of vanaties are less expensive than other materials but can’t be used in high-traffic areas like a bathroom. Therefore, if you are considering this type of material, make sure to check the durability of the material you’ll choose.

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